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Welcome to the official Sharky website! Sharky is a Classic Rock and Soul band based in Massachusetts. The bite on this beast is BIG! Constantly lurking through the musical depths, always hungry for it's next musical meal. And when those teeth latch onto a song, there's absolutely no letting go, as Sharky has a feeding frenzy on the tastiest tunes from the 60's to today. Sharky performs with power and intensity, and will rock you right out of the water and up onto the dance floor!

Come check out a Sharky show and make sure you jump right in...the water's always fine.

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Great night at Harry's Westgate Pub.... 

We just wanted to give a huge thanks to everybody that came out to Harry's last night. You guys pretty much packed the dance floor all night and definitely made our night! We had a great time because of all of you! Thanks again! We hope to see you all at Pete's in Quincy next Saturday, the  30th!

We're Ready to ROCK! 

As Steve mentioned on our Facebook page earlier, we had a really great final rehearsal last night before we return this Friday to Hajjars in Weymouth. It's been a few years for us, and we're really psyched to get back out there and have some fun! We've added about a dozen new tunes by Steely Dan, Bowie, Dr. John, Rainbow, Foreigner, Foghat, Robert Randolph, Storyville and more. 

Here's our Schedule for May 2015...
  • May 1st  - Hajjars in Weymouth THIS FRIDAY!
  • May 22nd  - Harry's Pub at Westgate in Brockton
  • May 30th - Pete's Bar & Grille in Quincy
We hope to see you there!!!

First Rehearsal... 

We had our first rehearsal last night at the Bandcave and it went great! The new tunes that we did actually came out way better than we expected and we had a blast! With the exception of a neighbor calling the cops, it was a productive night. The officer ended up telling us he couldn't even hear us when he pulled up and to keep playing. Gotta love Bridgewater's finest. We also got a few pictures with the new lineup. Here's one...


Weeeee're Baaaaack..... 

Hi to all! We hope all our fans and friends have been doing great! Here's what's been happening with us...Steve and the two Paul's and I got together for lunch (and a few beers) several months back to discuss the possibility of us starting up the band again. Paul Dennis was ready to come out of retirement and it didn't take long for us to agree that it was a great idea. We really missed playing together. We decided that the first thing that we had to do was re-do our song list by adding a bunch of new tunes. But before we could do that, we had to find a Bass player. So we've been auditioning Bass player's since that time, and after a few starts and stops, we've finally found our guy...

So...PLEASE WELCOME TONY ROSSI to the Sharky family! Tony is an absolutely killer Bassist, and comes to Sharky with over 25 years of experience. Some of the bands that Tony has been in previously are Bad Larry, Too Loose, Jack Chain, OCD, Third Degree and Phase Four. Tony is currently also in the local rock cover band, The Rogues, and will be doing double duty with both The Rogues and Sharky. Tony is a really great dude, and we're really very lucky to have him.

We're just starting up rehearsals, and will be tightening up the old tunes that we kept, and working out a slew of new tunes which we hope you'll enjoy. We're hoping to be back out on the circuit, full-time, sometime in the winter/spring, and we look forward to seeing everybody then. In the meantime,
I'll be blogging and making updates to the website with news, pictures, and maybe even some rehearsal video's, so keep checking in and be sure to join our new mailing list.

Tony Rossi


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