Classic Rock & Soul...with Bite!

Welcome to the official Sharky website! Sharky is a Classic Rock and Soul band based in Massachusetts. The bite on this beast is BIG! Constantly lurking through the musical depths, always hungry for it's next musical meal. And when those teeth latch onto a song, there's absolutely no letting go, as Sharky has a feeding frenzy on the tastiest tunes from the 60's to today. Sharky performs with power and intensity, and will rock you right out of the water and up onto the dance floor!

Come check out a Sharky show and make sure you jump right in...the water's always fine.

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Merry Chrismas!!! 

Steve, Paulie, PT, Tony, Mike, and Dave wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!! ...especially this rockin' little dude sportin' his Sharky onesie!

Band Update... 

Due to a medical issue that Dave has been dealing with, he's been unable to play the drums. Lucky for us, local drum pro extraordinaire Mike Fopiano has been gracious enough to fill in on the drums while Dave is out. Mike is not only an amazing drummer, but a really cool dude. Be sure to say "Hey" to Mike at the show!!!!

Rockin' at Hajjar's.... 

Another fantasmical night at Hajjar's in Weymouth last Saturday. Man, do these folks know how to rock or what?. We saw a bunch of our friends, and made a ton of new ones. Lots of musicians came out, (which we greatly appreciate), and we will be returning the favor. Also had everyone dancin' all night (which is nice). We're back at Hajjar's in a months time on the 22nd of August...and really looking forward to it! 

Great night at Harry's Westgate Pub.... 

We just wanted to give a huge thanks to everybody that came out to Harry's last night. You guys pretty much packed the dance floor all night and definitely made our night! We had a great time because of all of you! Thanks again! We hope to see you all at Pete's in Quincy next Saturday, the  30th!

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